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(#2187) Cia F (Los Angeles, CA)
5/10/2018 in Decatur, GA  EVENT: 43rd Atlanta Roundup Fellowship Event  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 35 years since 1/30/1983, a member of the Pacific Group, Cia was modeling in London when she finally surrendered.

"The preposterous became palatable."

Here are some take-aways from this talk:

Alcoholism is carnivorous, eating you from the inside.

The inventory Steps are Spiritual Forensics.

Assistive Geographic: When her mother helped her take a geographic because mom could not stand to have Cia live at home anymore.

It is possible to drink behind your own back.

"I was burglarized and did not notice it for a few weeks."

"Children of alcoholics are pathetically cynical."

Powerful with many insights gleaned from experience.

(58 min) (13.3 MB) (id#2187)