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(#2116) Chuck T (Austin, TX)
Feb 1999 in Huntsville, AL  EVENT: 8th Huntsville Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 8 years since 3/26/1990, Chuck flunked college the first semester.

He got three DUIs in a row.

Went to treatment, drank again, then went on the marijuana maintenance program still going to meetings in Michigan and leeching off the members until they had enough of him.

He told a woman he wanted to drink and she asked him if he ever asked God to remove the obsession. He did.

It began to be removed then he had an opportunity to move to Huntsville, AL where they focused on the Program and the Steps more than they had in the groups he had been attending.

That is where his journey began. He later went to school in Birmingham, AL.

Three years ago he got an opportunity to take a job in Austin, TX.

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