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(#1268) Chuck H (Cary, NC)
7/21/2012 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 37th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Married to Beth H, Big Book author of "Empty on the Inside" in the 4th edition, they met in AA and honeymooned at this event 20 years earlier.

Chuck has been sober 23 years since 12/16/1988, six months less than Beth.

Raised in Cincinnati, he got suspended from kindergarten.

"So, I needed a sponsor, you know. Somebody I could call up and would say 'Oh, for God's sake Chuck, eat the cookies, drink the milk, take the nap and call me later.'"

He white-knuckled it til he was 12 and then took a drink.

His parents did not drink. The first time he drank he went into a blackout.

"My life is mostly hearsay."

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