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(#1072) Chuck C (Laguna Beach, CA)
1964 in Louisville, KY  EVENT: 13th Kentucky State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

AREA 16 Archives

Sober 18 years since January 1946, Chuck is best known for the transcript of a workshop men's retreat he did in Pala Mesa, CA in 1975 entitled "A New Pair of Glasses".

He talks about this "thing" as a miracle which he defines as something that can't happen until it does.

In this talk he goes into some detail about the steps.

The quality of this recording is excellent. It came from a reel-to-reel (#RR00-0023) held in the Georgia AA Archives (Area 16) as a "Bonus" talk on a reel housing the 1963 Georgia State Convention.

BURNING INSTRUCTIONS:This talk fits on 2 CDs. Use the BURN button to download the ZIP file containg the separate 5 minute tracks. Put tracks 18 and above onto CD #2. The ZIP file contains the entire recording as found on the reel including the abbreviated readings and introduction.

(1 hr 27 min) (20.1 MB) (id#1072)