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(#818) Chuck C (Laguna Beach, CA)
June 1953 in Hartford, CT  EVENT: NCCF Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Story, Historical

Sober 7 years since 1946, this is the earliest recording of Chuck in the WeJoy collection. I found it on a neat little site Though I usually do not add recordings here that are available on other sites, this one was too tempting.

Chuck says at one point in this talk,

"Seemingly I have had very little to do with the good that has come into my life."

I could not agree more. Can I really take credit for my willingness to do what I do to stay sober? Or is it a gift?

I act today as if everything I am is a gift - in part thanks to Chuck.

I searched around the internet to find details about this NCCF Conference. I bought an archive article from the Hartford Courant that looked promising but apeears unrelated. If anyone knows more about this event please contact me at

(55 min) (6.3 MB) (id#818)