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(#1887) Chuck C (Laguna Beach, CA)
7/11/1981 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 6th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 35 years since late January 1946, Chuck has been a mentor to many in the program.

He tells his story and then relates a number of viewpoints that are uniquely Chuck.

For instance, he wanted to change some words in the Lord's Prayer, specifically where it asks to lead us not into temptation.

He uses "Thou leadest us not into temptation", because that matches better his conception of God.

Later, he encountered a biblical scholar who indicated that Chuck's interpretation was closer to the Aramaic version believed by some historically more accurate.

Before I heard Chuck share this, I, too, changed the prayer to meet my understanding but using "You lead us not into temptation".

I was surprised when I heard he had the same issue with it.

He also wanted to change a line in the St. Francis Prayer.

Listen to his wife Elsa tell her side of the story in 1988 including how Chuck died: remarkable.

Elsa C (AFG) in Atlanta 1988

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