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New Pair Of Glasses - Chuck C
Total time across all 6 files is 6.4 hours.
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A New Pair Of Glasses

In 1975 at a retreat of 64 alcoholic men in Pala Mesa, CA, Chuck C. gave a series of talks that were to become an AA classic. Transcribed nearly word for word, the talk was published in book form and called A New Pair of Glasses. There were seven segments in the series. Segments 5 and 6 are combined into one download in this set. Each download will fit easily on a standard CD-R.


(#312) Chuck C - New Pair 6 of 6 (Laguna Beach, CA)
1975 in Palla Mesa, CA  EVENT: Men's Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical, Author

Parts 7 of 7: "Question and Answer" -

"Should we work with practicing alcoholicsbefore we have taken all the steps ourselves?

In our sobriety, how do we deal with our emotions and the emotions of others we work with in the program?

What about sex after sobriety?

The answers to these questions and more like them on this session.

(1 hr 6 min) (22.9 MB) (id#312)