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New Pair Of Glasses - Chuck C
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A New Pair Of Glasses

In 1975 at a retreat of 64 alcoholic men in Pala Mesa, CA, Chuck C. gave a series of talks that were to become an AA classic. Transcribed nearly word for word, the talk was published in book form and called A New Pair of Glasses. There were seven segments in the series. Segments 5 and 6 are combined into one download in this set. Each download will fit easily on a standard CD-R.


(#310) Chuck C - New Pair 4 of 6 (Laguna Beach, CA)
1975 in Palla Mesa, CA  EVENT: Men's Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical, Author

Part 4 of 7 "Sobriety A Spiritual Rest" - "We have talked about the fact that ever since we grew up a little bit, we have had to reverse everything that we were conditioned to believe that was true about life in home, school, and church. And, of course, this includes getting out of our own way.

Self-discovery. It includes surrender, even though we were conditioned to believe that surrender was for the weak. "Strong man wins, weak man surrenders." Thus we thought we had to run our own lives, we had to win the battle. But in this new way of life we have nothing to win, nothing to prove, and we're not going anyplace. Nothing to win, nothing to prove, and we're not going any place.

I'm either going to run my life and take the consequences thereof, or I'm not going to run it and take the consequences thereof; one or the other of those things I must do. We cannot do both."

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