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New Pair Of Glasses - Chuck C
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A New Pair Of Glasses

In 1975 at a retreat of 64 alcoholic men in Pala Mesa, CA, Chuck C. gave a series of talks that were to become an AA classic. Transcribed nearly word for word, the talk was published in book form and called A New Pair of Glasses. There were seven segments in the series. Segments 5 and 6 are combined into one download in this set. Each download will fit easily on a standard CD-R.


(#308) Chuck C - New Pair 2 of 6 (Laguna Beach, CA)
1975 in Palla Mesa, CA  EVENT: Men's Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical, Author


Part 2 of 7 "The Golden Key" - "Now I'm accused, sometimes, of being a water walker. Some people think I'm overboard on the so-called spiritual. I am not. I just happen to know that there isn't anything else but spiritual. That's all there is--there ain't no more. So I'm naturally a little bit prone to that direction. But I have never heard a speaker, including myself, from the podium of Alcoholics Anonymous so strongly affirm that as does the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous."

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