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Chuck C-Carbon Canyon 1963
Total time across all 6 files is 7.2 hours.
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Carbon Canyon Retreat

Twelve years before the retreat that resulted in the book A New Pair of Glasses, Chuck led a retreat outside Yorba Linda, CA at a place called Carbon Canyon. In some ways this set is more organized than the 1975 retreat.

After the intro on the first part, Chuck talks about the Business Phase in part 2 and the Home Phase in part 3 and into part4. The rest of part 4 and 5 are Question and Answer. Part 6 is Chuck's favorite Story - The Prodigal Son.

When I listened to The Prodigal Son this time it became clear how much the parable matches to pages 60-63 in the Big Book. When the son returns home he expects to become a servant. In the Big Book the actor becomes the agent, no longer on the stage but rather in the background helping make the show better for all involved.


(#444) Chuck C-Carbon Canyon-2 (Laguna Beach, CA)
3/29-31/1963 in Yorba Linda, CA  EVENT: Carbon Canyon Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical, Author

Business Phase

(1 hr 19 min) (27 MB) (id#444)