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(#423) Chuck C (Laguna Beach, CA)
9/4/1979 in Vista, CA  EVENT: No. County Intergroup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Author

Sober 33 years since January 1946, Chuck speaks with a special emphasis on why AA is not a self-improvement program.

It is an excellent quality recording from a cassette. I could not find this talk on the internet though there are plenty of great talks by Chuck.

I like the theme of this one especially as it points to what makes the form of sobriety experienced in AA unique.

Classic Excerpts:

"Today I have the ability to live peacefully, comfortably and joyously with myself and when I do that I have absolutely no difficulty living with you."

"I didn't spend five seconds on my related disorders."

"Now, thank God, the words 'as we understand Him', has no reference to understanding the infinite, thank God. It has reference only to the necessity for individual experience."

And finally this mind bender:

"Love in truth is possession but not the necessity to possess."

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