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(#370) Chuck C (Laguna Beach, CA)
2/1/1971 in Louisianna  EVENT: Eulogy to Bill W  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

Chuck was already scheduled to speak at this event. It was known that Bill Wilson was in the last days of his life. Bill died 1/26/71 and this occurred five day later. Chuck knew Bill well. Bill actually used Chuck as a kind of Life Counselor to help him with his depression. As Chuck tells it in this talk, Chuck went to Bill and said I can't fix you and shortly after that Bill came out of his depression. It was never to visit him again with the same force it had.

There are some small inaccuracies in the story about Roland Hazard and Ebby as CHuck tells it but these are small matters when compared to the love, admiration and gratitude these men had for each other that flows so freely in this talk.

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