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Chuck and Elsa C-1964
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Chuck and Elsa C-1964

Chuck is in AA. Elsa is in Al-Anon. Years after this event, Chuck did a weekend retreat n Pala Mesa, CA (1975). The transcript of these talks were published as A New Pair of Glasses.  Here he and Elsa take turns speaking on various topics related to building and maintaining a healthy relationship.


(#72) Chuck and Elsa C.-1 of 2 (Laguna Beach, CA)
1964 in Grants Pass, OR  EVENT: Roundup CD2  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Story, Historical

Chuck on his mom at 16.5 years sober as part of Q&A (part 2) through End

(35 min) (8 MB) (id#72)