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(#256) Chrissy P (Malewa, Oahu)
2/8/2001 in Honolulu, HI  EVENT: 37th International Women's Conference (IAAWC)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

This is a delightful talk. A native Hawaiian, Chrissy is second generation AA. Her parents got sober when she was six years old. A strong Tom-boy, she had her first drink at 14 years old. Her second drug of choice was "you" which is why her life was unmanageable. She mistakenly thought the "lives" being turned over to God in the third step were all hers. She hit bottom at 24 years old in what she called a make-believe marriage. She discovered her God has a middle name - Forgiveness. Taken from cassette, the recording starts with slight bass tone but later clears up during the most powerful parts of her sharing.

(52 min) (8.9 MB) (id#256)