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(#830) Chris T (Acworth, GA)
11/7/2015 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober just under 2 year, this is the first time Chris told her story at a speaker meeting. Single with a daughter, she grew up in Philadelphia with an alcoholic single dad after her sober mother died when Chris was 10. She became her fathr and brother's parent and left home early. She drank first at 12. Her drinking gradulally increased. She did lots of geographics and "pre-emptive quiting".

Later, at 38, she took care of her and her surprise baby - both in diapers and Chris not yet sober. She went to jail over a domestic dispute with her ex-husband, lost her job, car and home and was living in a motel. She went to jail a second time being unable to pay her fines.

When she came in she had a real problem with God. He had taken her sober, good Catholic mom and left her and her younger brother in the care of an alcoholic dad. She had no safety net. She always had to rely on herself. After truly taking the third step in AA, she now has a real safety net - her AA family and a new found God.

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