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2019 Appalachian Regional
Total time across all 10 files is 11.4 hours.
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2019 Appalachian Regional

This is the Second Annual of this event.

It is amazing how mature an event it is after just one year.

In this format, a series of very active and experienced AA speakers share their experience on a subset of the Steps covering all twelve in the course of the weekend.

There are three other sessions from this event that are listed out of order at the end of this set:

Earl H sharing his story

Bill C on Intimacy

Larcene G (AFG) on the Family Afterward

(#2676) Chris R - Steps 1 & 2 (Ingram, TX)
3/22/2019 in Kingsport, TN  EVENT: 2019 Appalachian Regional Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

STEPS 1 & 2

Sober 31 years since 11/13/1987, Chris has been involved in the Treatment Industry for 26 years.

He starts out apologizing for being considered by some in AA as controversial.

"I do not have alot of patience for middle-of-the-road sobriety."

Strong speaker with lots of experience helping drunks.

(1 hr 5 min) (7.5 MB) (id#2676)