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(#1118) Chris L, Jimmy S, Bill R (Atlanta GA,Lincolnton GA,Lawrenceville GA)
Oct 1989 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 16th Atlanta Men's Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Story

Workshop Classic

Three of the male leaders of AA in Georgia on one panel. Not leaders in the sense of holding Area positions but in the sense of leading by example and in the number of lives they added to by adopting this design for living as a state of being and doing.

Chris L of Atlanta, GA sober 6 years since early in 1983
Chris shares how he grew up in difficult circumstances then finally found the spiritual tools for living in AA.

Jimmy S of Lincolnton, GA sober 10 years since 1979
The son of an alcoholic doctor, Jimmy is funny, full of life, a retired school teacher and football coach who currently earns spending money as owner of a small bakery.

Bill R of Lawrenceville, GA sober 32 years since 1957
Bill was a gentle soul with a delightful, kind sense of humor he directed mostly back on himself. He was frequently the last one standing for the sobriety countdowns. I knew Bill and consider him, as many do, one of my mentors.

From his obituary:

Bill Roop, age 90, of Lawrenceville, GA passed away peacefully on April 12, 2013 due to cancer complications. While getting progressively weaker during the last 4 months, he kept up his sense of humor. To quote Bill when asked how things are going, he responded, "Well, the first 90 years were great, but since then it's been a real pain".

The Atlanta Men's Workshop is held twice each year at a 4-H facility known as Rock Eagle between Atlanta and Augusta just south of I-20.

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