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(#138) Cheryl Ann B-H. (Jersey City, NJ)
5/28/1988 in Minneapolis, MN  EVENT: 15th Gopher State Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 11 years since 6/1/1977 and speaking to a crowd of over 5,000, Cheryl is an alcoholic and an employee of GSO in NY. Born and raised north of Boston in a home with an alcoholic "wild hellion" mom and a father from a strict upbringing. The "ism" came before she started drinking. Only had faith in things she could see and hold. She rebelled from the Catholic School and ran away from home at 19 to Boston without leaving even a note. Started blackout drinking immediately. Alcohol was her answer for the next 13 years working for a major airline. The alcoholic is cunning and baffling not the alcohol. Had a responsible job and carried on like a 2 year old. Her mother came into AA first and Cheryl followed some months afterward. In AA she found a higher power and the healing power of forgiveness.

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