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(#1239) Charlie B (New Orleans, LA)
7/30/2000 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 25th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

The Sunday morning speaker, Charlie said, "Low self-esteem was never my problem."

He talks about the circle and triangle symbol and what it means to him.

He grew up in Dallas in Highland Park with upstairs and downstairs maids, and all that. That is a good way to live and you can get used to that.

He learned to collect gold stars and it was not hard for him to do that.

His dad was a successful wildcatter with a PHD. The family was full of love and rational problem solving. He met many of the movers and shakers of the time. He used to play catch with Howard Hughes.

Charlie had a near photographic memory.

When he started drinking he did not have that wonderful feeling immediately. He did have a large capacity.

He went to the University of Oklahoma to become a Petroleum Engineering but instead graduated with a degree in History and another in Phycology. He got masters in Psychology and Math. Then he got a PHD in experimental psychology. He specialized in minutiae.

He got married and had two children. Then he went to Oxford University.

Then he reached a point that felt like his parents sent him a telegram that said, "Get a job", and the checks from home stopped.

He started teaching but chose a job at Tulane in New Orleans rather than Auburn because the bars never closed and Tulane teacher's cafeteria had carafes of wine. He did not do well there as a teacher.

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