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(#2263) Dock C, Bill F, Bill R and Bill H (Roswell, Atlanta, Marietta-GA and Roanoke, VA)
3/17/1984 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 6th Atlanta Men's Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

A Century of Sobriety

Four well-loved icons of sobriety in Atlanta share their experiences.

Chair: Dock C of Roswell, GA - died sober from an accidental gunshot wound while trying to take the gun away from a suffering alcoholic. His widow took the young man to his first meeting after the incident.

Bill F of Atlanta - A medical doctor born in Lexington, KY, originally practiced in Jackson, MS. He took lots of drugs as well.

Bill R of Marietta, GA (at the time, later moved to Lawrenceville, GA) sober since 1/3/1957. At seven years sober, moved to Atlanta and was introduced to the Steps.

Bill H from Roanoke, VA was Dock C's sponsor. Bill was a very wise uneducated member of AA.

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