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(#1903) Cec C (Prince Albert, SK)
7/15-18/2004 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 29th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 52 years since 1/23/1952, Cecil grew up in a good spiritual home, was a good athlete and did not drink.

He joined the Canadian Army at age 16 in 1940 and had his first glass of beer where he found the magic of alcohol - he became a great fighter, dancer and lover. He got kicked out of the Army at age 17.

He worked in a factory then reenlisted in the Army under another name and got kicked out when he was 18.

Then he joined the Navy and stayed there until World War II ended though he got kicked out of officers training.

"It is really a physical impossibility to do with that ship what I told that officer to do with it."

He is still married to the woman he wed while in the navy.

Funny and insightful, Cec has been very active in AA and has touched many lives.

WeJoy has a recording of Cec in Atlanta in 1970 courtesy of the Area 16 Archives:

Cec C in Atlanta 1970

(1 hr 8 min) (15.7 MB) (id#1903)