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(#942) C D C (Statesboro, GA)
12/4-6/1998 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: Sandpiper Roundup VII  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 40 years since 10/21/1957, C D C. says Statesboro, GA is the AA capital of the world per capita with 60 meetings serving a population of 20,000.

He grew up on a one horse farm being told in an Old Line Primitive Baptist church "if you think about it you've done it" and burn in hell forever. So he decided to do it since he had already thought it.

His mother had five brothers. Four died directly from alcoholism and the fifth in an alcohol related car accident.

CDC went to the Citadel and then to law school in Atlanta. He married a woman from a whiskey making, pistol toting family who pulled a revolver out on him. He became a fighter pilot and instructor in WWII. He went to work for the Federal Government as an Adjudicator.

He was called back to fly jets in the Korean War. Many adventures followed including having his father pay his x-wife to remarry him.

He landed in a treatment center in Atlanta and returned to Statesboro earning money cutting grass. But he stayed sober because he was willing to do certain things. In AA he found a God he never found in that church.

His wife came into AA after CDC did.

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