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(#2823) Cathy S (Stone Mountain, GA)
11/14/2021 in Alexandria, LA  EVENT: Sobermania 2021  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 14 years since 1/4/2007, Cathy came into AA in her 20's, fully qualified.

She is very active in AA in the Atlanta area with her husband John who spoke earlier at this same event.

Cathy does not have a definite view of God which she says, is probably good because she would try to manipulate the relationship.

For her it was like she was a broken radio that has been fixed enough to begin to pick up on signals of this Power.

Her journey has had times of brokenness and times she was tuned in.

She is passionate about using all the tools in AA to stay connected and useful.

John S at Sobermania 2021

(1 hr 21 min) (18.6 MB) (id#2823)