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(#795) Cathy O'B (Macon, GA)
10/17/2015 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 62nd Georgia State Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In some form of recovery since 1992, this is Cathy's first talk at a major event. Cathy did a marvelous job as a last minute substitute for the scheduled speaker Bo T of Alabama. She did not realize until a year and a half into the program that she had a legitimate qualifier for the program one generation back in her family.

Raised Baptist by a mother who was raised in chaos, Cathy lived a sheltered life and has never had a drink of alcohol. She married a man in her church who had quit drinking but was an active sex addict. She first joined S-Anon for families of sex addicts. Later she hid out not sharing in Al-anon until she realized how her own family was her real qualifier.

(50 min) (11.6 MB) (id#795)