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Traditions at Home and in Relationships
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Traditions at Home and in Relationships

Cathy and John met in the program and have been married 20 years. They are very active in AA.

When they announced their intention to marry, am AA/Al-Anon couple shared with them how they practiced the AA Traditions in their successful marriage.

Through thick and thin, Cathy and John have continued to reap the rewards of those lessons and to share them with others.

This event was part of the 5th Traditions Group in Atlanta, a dynamic example of an informed Group Conscience in action. If you come to Atlanta, I suggest you join them. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

(#1140) Cathy and John S 2016 1 (Stone Mountain, GA)
4/16/2016 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 5th Traditions Group Workshop  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Traditions

Traditions 1 thru most of 7

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