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(#1103) Carole W (Lincoln, NE)
6/16-18/2000 in Grand Island, NE  EVENT: 41st Nebraska State Reunion`  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober maybe 15 years, she was born into an alcoholic family with lots of screaming and yelling but that did not make her alcoholic.

She drew pictures of people with square heads and tears. She was a loner that started drinking in 3rd grade. She read alot.

Her dad was a professor who took the family to England where Carole in 9th grade could drink young. She found boys.

She was looking for something to make her whole. Back in the USA in Ann Arbor, MI she became wild, drinking every day starting in 10th grade.

She quit public school in 11th grade and got into an alternative school where she drank with the teachers but managed to get a diploma.

Drugs are part of her story but alcohol was always a part of it. Her first husband of 7 years was a violent biker, drug dealer. They had a daughter.

She moved to Nebraska at that time and he went back to Michigan. She worked at a factory and drank in the morning and found a straight drinker.

She had a second child, a son and continued to drink. She became screamer and yeller like her parents. She wrote lots of bad checks.

Her sister-in-law exposed her to AA in an attempt to get Carole's husband sober. Her first meeting was Al-Anon.

Within a week she had her last drink, began to go to AA and read the stories in the Big Book.

Her husband got sober a month later.

She went to Treatment but was told "Treatment is for Discovery but AA is for Recovery." She took parenting classes and learned to hug her kids and had a third child in sobriety. She made some tough amends.

She got involved in service in AA including a Women's Prison.

Her son is 17 and working on his story and her oldest daughter just entered college.

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