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(#103) Carole F (Denton, TX)
11/9/1996 in Ft. Walton, FL  EVENT: Gulf Coast Roundup #27  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Insightful. Twenty years in the program. Two home groups because two homes - TX and FL. Closer to fellow Al-anon members than with many in her family. AA gave her her husband back. She came into Al-anon for all the wrong reasons - treatment person said it would help her husband. Did not feel she needed it at first. Now knows Al-anons understand in a way nobody else can. Grew up in small town in TX - dad owned a drug store. He self prescribed for his pain. Caused problems in the family. There was drinking. Drawn to alcoholics long before she married one. Married service man at 20. Got a teaching job. Quit working when had 4 children in 7 years. Learned early to look at life the way she wanted it to be not the way it was. Had alot of good years. Later, the family looked perfect but was falling apart on the inside. Had spiritual awakening in a Bible study - believes God was preparing her. Went back to teaching after 23 years at home. Could have lived with alcoholism but not all the other things that went with it. Staged an intervention that worked. Never stopped loving him. Keeps getting better every year.

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