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(#204) Cahuenga B (Hollywood, CA)
2/10/1996 in Salt Lake City, UT  EVENT: 32nd International Women's Conference (IAAWC)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 12 years since 6/23/1983, Cahuenga gives a strong and funny talk at this International Women's Conference.

Born in LA to two hard working parents, dad Swedish and mother native american, and two perfect sisters. She would rather move stuff around thanvacuum.

She had her first drink when she was 16. She was given a break at 23 to get in the music business and get out of a factory job. She was successful and made lots of money and left her family behind.

She even created a new identity to cover where she came from. Meanwhile she was picking up strange men at bars, leaving them in the parking lot and coming home to a husband she hoped would not notice.

When she came into the rooms she had 76 cents, living in her car on Venice Beach for 7 months and needing something to eat.

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