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(#970) Butch P (Erie, PA)
2/27/1987 in Ripley, WV  EVENT: Cedar Lakes Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

The Alcoholic

Sober 22 years since 1/23/1965, this is one of the funniest talks in the collection.

Butch calls himself a "one word at a time" alcoholic. He tells the audience he has had this problem all his life and for the next 35 or 45 minutes its going to be their problem, too.

He was rasied Catholic and went to a school where the nuns were not skilled at dealing with a condition they felt was God punishing him for the sins of the fathers.

Alcohol "let the air out the bag" and allowed Butch to talk and get along with the girls. After five kids, his first wife got a trial separation because of his drinking and acting out and would not take him back.

He went from an easy going drinker to a violent, raging drunk with a 2nd wife of similar temperment.

He came into AA a 255 pound bar fly with a bullet in his head, partially paralyzed living with "mommy".

He was sponsored in a way that is classic and a wonderful story in its own right.

(51 min) (11.7 MB) (id#970)