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(#1849) Butch M (Barie, ON)
7/1/2017 in Nashville, TN  EVENT: 36th Music City Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 27 years since 9/21/1989, his enthusiastic home group meets just north of Toronto. They believe in service and carry the message to alcoholics not just wait for them to come to the meetings.

The single most important thing they do is offer a warm greeting at the door.

Butch is a lively and inspired member of the Program.

"I have always been much more impressed by what I see you do rather than what I hear you say. I have always had the ability to sound better than I really am...including tonight."

His sponsor got sober in 1958 and was active until he died in 2004.

Butch is only allowed into the United States by a waiver by from the department of justice to enter on "humanitarian grounds".

Two members, practicing AA in its purest form, carried the message to Butch where he was living at age 33 - his mother's house.

"They made the effort to leave their homes that night. They both came to my mother's house and talked to me about their drinking. They did not talk to me about 'my' drinking."

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