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(#1351) Area 16-1983-01 Business Meeting (Georgia)
1/16/1983 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA)  TYPE: AA, Both, Assembly

Area 16 Archives

GSSA Business Meeting - January 1983

This is an historic recording of limited general interest. It does have an eraly recording of Gay G who later became Delegate. Her talks are elsewhere on WeJoy as are those of Joe P.

Chair: Joe P-Atlanta GA

Clarence-Prepaid Chair; Jerome W-DCM 9 Committee Report; Bobby S-Zone 13B Committee Report; Lillan M-Tribute (Area Secretary-she was sick at home);Don A-DCM 13C-Grapevine;Maynard Y-Columbus GA-Institutions;Gay G, Atlanta, GA-13-B-Anonymity Workshop Report;Clarence R (Past Delegate) Tribute (ill); Paul K-Treas and Acting Sec-Treasurer Report

This recording is part of the GSSA Archives collection. (C00-0376)

(58 min) (26.8 MB) (id#1351)