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(#97) Brian P. (Portland, ME)
Sept 2003 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 32nd Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Funny talk. A 5' 1" ex-bank-robber who had trouble keeping his anonymity.

Got sober 3/6/1993 in Tucson Arizona. Home group Camden, ME. Loves and is grateful for AA's immense power.

Grew up in Stockton, CA. Mom was great but an alcoholic beer can collector. Brian always felt different.

Started drinking regularly at home at 10 or 12 years old. At 18 (1980) decided not to go to college and moved in with fellow drinkers.

Drugs at 21. House painter. Financial trouble beyond control - dealing drugs.

Decided on suicide using friend's car exhaust parked in desert - but the desire to live won.

Made a casual decision to rob a bank to solve his problems - asked only for $50. Bought a 12 pack and robbed another across town for alot more money the same day.

Went to work next day. Six months later out of money, robs another. Didn't think he would get caught.

FBI arrested him at home. He felt relieved. Robbed another bank while on bond waiting for trial.

Five years eight months in prison. Drank there and did nothing to better himself.

On parole, violated eight months later because he started drinking at a high school reunion.

On the run but at the same job, he was rearrested.

Mom sent him a letter "I love you so much that I am not going to watch you die."

AA has repaired that relationship. Learned unconditional love when his own daughter was born.

Spent another year in prison. Started drinking three days out of prison.

Parole officer was AA member and ordered him to go to AA at 29 years old. More scared of AA than prison and they saved his life.

For last nine years Brian works for a big marketing firm as a sales rep.

Ironically, has a big bank as a customer. Is the Area 28 Corrections Chair.

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