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(#140) Brian M. (New York, NY)
10/1/2001 in Jackson's Mill, WV  EVENT: 2001 Fall Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Lively, funny speaker. Merchant Seaman from the Upper East Side of NY. Started drinking at 13. Was taught that as long as a man worked, he could drink, beat the wife, beat the kids.

Story of his life was one shrug after another.

Came into AA at 38 looking like the Wolfman. All his life he'd left an oil slick a mile wide behind him.

Had been slipping in and out of impotency for years as a result of his drinking.

Some suggested 90 meetings in 90 days, read the book and get a sponsor. When asked where they got the 90 and 90, nobody knew but the old timers said that for him it might be a good idea.

Says it takes that long to learn the AA lingo - lots of paradoxes.

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