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(#96) Brenda F (Polk City, FL)
Sept 2001 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 30th Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Soft spoken - insightful. If not born an alcoholic, when she took her first drink, an alcoholic was born.

Married and divorced the first person she drank with. Drank whenever available. In California in the 60's and kept meeting 'who's next'. Remarried a navy troop transport man who was often gone. He got shore duty and she left to something new - a Hell's Angel. She drank less but went to prison for two years for heroin. Went to one AA meeting there.

Her Angel got long prison sentence so she moved in with daddy. Came of age when locked up. Married a nice man who worked, paid bills but drank like she did. Had a daughter but he got tired of wrecked cars and she left. Could not take care of her daughter and she let her go to her father. Had 4 DUI's in CA, 3 in GA another in AL so changed names regularly.

Went to truck driving school under fake name. This was the answer - could always go somewhere else.Had no skills for living except finding who's next. Married an abusive career criminal truck driver she drove with who hated drinking. She had the idea nice girls get married. He is now in prison. He nearly beat her to death once but, being sober, they believed him at first. He fled.

December 1985, she drove off a cliff near a lake, trapped, she made a deal with God. Stopped drinking but took five years to come to AA using pills.

Finally came to AA 11 years ago (1990) incoherent, at the the end of her rope. Her sponsor and others taught her how to be appropriate inside and outside - putting the principles in action on a daily basis. They showed her what they did and what they got.

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