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(#2757) Bonnie A (Hollywood, CA)
Feb 1988 in Vancouver, BC  EVENT: Norh Shore Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Highly recommended talk.

Born in Cleveland to a Polish Catholic family, Bonnie's father was an alcoholic and her mother taught her how to hide from confrontation.

She found her release in ballet class.

She went to NY to escape that home life, got a job in the theatre, and married an Irish actor, Shawn, who was the life of the party.

They moved to CA and she settled down, but he did not.

He came into AA before she came into Al-Anon.

She walks through in detail how they healed their marriage with a great story about turning over the laundry to her husband.

Note: The very first minute or so of the talk was missing from the recording but the essence of the message is very much there.

(55 min) (12.8 MB) (id#2757)