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(#1760) Bob W-Workshop (Westfield, MA)
5/20/2017 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA)  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

Sober 24 years since 3/30/1987, Bob rotated out as AA Trustee at Large for the United States exactly three weeks before this talk.

In this workshop he shared what it was like to travel around the world representing AA twenty-six times per year for four years.

I wish I could share the slides he mentions in the talk, most of them I think you can imagine a little bit.

But the spiritual side of the journey should shine through.

He shared his own story in detail in the evening session:

Bob W of Westfield, MA at Macon, GA 2017

(51 min) (8.8 MB) (id#1760)