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(#2199) Bob S Jr (Memphis, TN)
7/1/2001 in Minneapolis, MN  EVENT: Archives Workshop  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story, Historical


Dr. Bob's son Bob S., Jr, known as Smitty, is introduced by an AA member Lori who is Ruth Hock's daughter.

Ruth was the non-alcoholic secretary for Hank P. and Bill W.

She typed the manuscript of the Big Book in 1938 in New York often paid in Works Publishing Stock.

It is a great story that the book Ruth worked so hard on with no sure expectation of getting paid, would later prove helpful to her alcoholic daughter who was born years after the book came out.

Bob S, shares about the early days of AA in Akron and about taking his dad to Vermont one last time before Dr. Bob died in November 1950.

(42 min) (9.7 MB) (id#2199)