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(#768) Railroad Bob P (Kennesaw, GA)
1/17/1987 in Smyrna, GA  EVENT: REBOS Saturday Night  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Railroad Bob helped many around Cobb County, GA to learn and love the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous with his Joe and Charlie style Big Book Studies held weekly with Butch M. In this talk he shares his experience, strength and hope. Born in 1939, one month after the Big Book was published, Bob says he was born with a disease where he can't drink and can't stop. He was sponsored by another character in the area - Speedy M. At 5 years sober he was at a low point and was introduced to the Joe and Charlie recordings. (available on WeJoy - Search keyword "joe and")

Historical Note: Bob mentions that Francis Carter was the man, sober since 1943, who brought the chip system to Georgia. Bob got sober August 18th maybe in 1978 but it is not clear from the recording the exact year.

(59 min) (13.7 MB) (id#768)