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(#780) Bob M (Oak Creek, WI)
5/25/2008 in Bloomington, MN  EVENT: 35th Gopher State Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 19 years since 5/29/1989, Bob is in his third year of a four year term as East Regional Trustee on the General Service Board. He also serves as the General Service Board Secretary, as Chairperson for the CPC and Treatment Facilities Committee, as a member on the Trustees Nominating Committee and on the International Committee. Busy guy.

He kept looking for that feeling he got from his first drink at age twelve. Born and raised in Ohio, he lived in Michigan most of his adult life and moved to Wisconsin a few years ago. He made the other Dean's list in college - the one that says 1.6 is not passing. He flunked out at his first school but eventually got a degree in forestry (four year degree in five years). He got married and they had a son. He drank all the time. The marriage lasted only a short time.

Sent by his work, he went to a treatment center for 21 days in 1987 thinking he was insane. He tried drinking shot glasses of 7-up and Non-alcoholic drinks. He was not really in AA but around it trying to manage multiple relationships. He stayed dry 22 months and was out there, hard, for three months. His bottom was an emotional crash. He couldn't take it anymore. His design for living wasn't working. After a year of misery, he ended up with a gun in his mouth.

Then God put a man in his life that read the Big Book who took him through the steps. There was very little organization in AA in his district. He walks through how he encouraged those in his district to get connected, practice the traditions and the third legacy.

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