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(#2283) Bob K (San Francisco, CA)
9/19/1997 in Mendocino, CA  EVENT: unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Author

AUTHOR: On the Move - 4th Edition

Sober 10 years since 1987, Bob found AA in prison.

He grew up in the late 60's in New York in an atheist household.

His drug of choice was always alcohol.

Dad moved them all to California when Bob was 15.

He started getting drunk with his dad in a geodesic dome house he and his dad built.

One time, Bob drove from Massachusetts to California in a school bus he and a friend bought with the proceeds from selling Xerox editions of books of poetry.

He started using heroin to control his drinking.

Dad separated from his mother and went to live in a commune in Mexico.

Then dad got ALS, Bob's mom took dad back and they all moved to Height-Ashbury.

Bob was 21 years old working hard for the family but also stealing dad's drugs. Dad, in a wheelchair, could do nothing about it.

How Bob has come to rely on a higher power is his story.

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