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(#1130) Bob D (Las Vegas, NV)
July 1992 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 17th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 13 years since 10/31/1978, this is by far the earliest talk to date in the WeJoy collection by Bob.

He spoke again in 2015 at the 40th Atlanta Roundup. He participated in two panels with Sharon C and Steve L that are well worth listening.

Bob's solid but somewhat quirky outlook on recovery helps members easily identify with both his disease and recovery.

He is deeply involved in service but also has a great love for a well made guitar.

ALSO LISTEN TO: Sharon, Steve and Bob at the 40th Atlanta Roundup.

(1 hr 13 min) (16.9 MB) (id#1130)