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(#177) Bob M (Greenville, SC)
10/13-16/1994 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 19th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Fast talker with a good sense of humor. Sponsored by Sterling W. of SC. Sober since 9/17/1983.

Bob grew up feeling poor and not enough. Went to college to find a wife. Hooked up with one who grew up in an alcoholic family. Sick people attract sick people.

Became an habitual lier. Had people believing he played professional football.

It was always "when" and "then". "When" I get this "then" I'll be happy.

Wife was an enabler. Drank rather than be with his Mom on her death bed.

Reached a point of loneliness such as few know. Realized one night he needed help.

At 44 years old he went to Peachford Hospital in Atlanta and had one of the most wonderful experiences in his life.

He was taught about God. Became Grateful.

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