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(#2117) Billy M (Columbia, KY)
9/17/1989 in Hurricane, WV  EVENT: K.V. Intergroup Meeting Picnic  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Billy is sober 24 years since 1/21/1964 at age 26 after two years in and out of AA including an unsuccessful stint with Sister Ignatia at Rosary Hall in Cleveland, OH.

This talk is full of down-home country wisdom, humor and insight.

He shares how, sober, he and another man were sitting in Rosary Hall when Sister Ignatia came up to the other man and asked how he found time to go to AA meetings since he was at the Hall every night.

The man told her she told him to avoid getting hungry, angry, lonely and tired and how the AA meetings went too late for him to get enough sleep.

Her response to him is classic.

Billy covers aspects of the history of AA in Cleveland in the 1960''s and later that I think might be interesting to the AA historians out there.

(1 hr 2 min) (14.3 MB) (id#2117)