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(#2277) Bill W with Lois, Ebby and Ignatia (Bedford Hills, NY)
7/1/1960 in Long Beach, CA  EVENT: AA International 1960  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

AA International in Long Beach, CA 1960

Co-Founder Bill W and Other Founders

Sober 24 years at the time of this talk, the event was held outdoors near an airport.

Bill first introduces in order: His wife Lois W, co-founder of Al-Anon, Bill's sponsor Ebby T from Dallas, TX and Sister Ignatia - the nun who helped Dr. Bob open the hospitals to alcoholics.

Then Bill tells his story and ends with a message of hope for AA and all the alcoholics still out there suffering and yet to suffer.

Since this event took place four months before I was born, I am glad the message was heeded, and AA was hear for mw when I needed it 49 years later.

NOTE: This recording has been remastered and is now much easier to listen to (though I could do nothing about the occasional plane flying over).

(1 hr 3 min) (10.8 MB) (id#2277)