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(#1315) Bill W (Bedford Hills, NY)
11/29/1948 in Des Moines, IA  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

Sober 13 years since 12/12/1934, AA co-founder Bill W is speaking to a group in Iowa. Lois W is also present.

The recording quality is excellent for the technology of the day.

This is during the period between the first publication of the Traditions in long form in the Grapevine 1946-47 and the adoption of them in short form in Cleveland in the summer of 1950. Dr. Bob and his wife Anne were still alive.

Bill traveled extensively during this period to drum up support for The Traditions

The outline for the General Service Conference of Delegates was just forming. Money was coming in more easily but it was quickly exhausted filling the demands of a growing organization.

I hope you enjoy this journey into the pioneer days of AA.

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