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(#2044) Bill W (Bedford Hills, NY)
7/13/1951 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Southeast Regional Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

Bill was speaking at a widely publicized event months after Dr. Bob's death.

Governor Talmadge of Georgia was a keynote speaker and is reported to have said that alcohol and narcotics abuse was one of the great plagues of the time.

Talmadge spoke on July 12 and Bill spoke on Friday, the 13th.

Here Bill uses a favorite theme - the Cathedral of the Spirit.

Excellent recording quality and a real AA Classic.

Here is a newpaper clipping of the event:

Clipping S.E. Regional Conrference July 12-15,1951

(1 hr 14 min) (25.2 MB) (id#2044)