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(#1120) Bill R (Lawrenceville, GA)
7/17/2008 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 33rd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 51 years since 1/3/1957, Bill is speaking at his home town on his "belly-button" birthday.

A long but accurate introduction is included. Two of his sons were at the event.

He never had any trouble with his kids when he and his wife were drinking but after they got sober all the trouble started.

He reflects on his journey through life with his recently deceased wife. She came into AA a year after Bill did.

He was in charge of the parking lot at the 1st Atlanta Roundup. He spends some time reflecting on the history of the event.

(40 min) (13.8 MB) (id#1120)