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(#2135) Bill and Lois W (Bedford Hills, NY)
April 1964 in New York, NY  EVENT: 3rd Al-Anon World Service Conference  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Historical

Bill's Service Message to Al-Anon

Bill is speaking to a group of Al-Anon delegates attending the third Al-Anon World Service Conference in New York.

He is unusually brief but powerful.

It left Lois somewhat speechless because he had delivered this message of service and dedication so eloquently.

I think anyone considering or engaged in service could benefit from this short message.

Lois follows Bill in this combined talk.

The recording quality is very understandable.

Al-Anon held two test panels in 1961 and (I think) 1963.

At this event the annual conference was made officially permanent.

(18 min) (4.3 MB) (id#2135)