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(#2045) Bill D (Akron, OH)
7/6/1951 in Canton, OH  EVENT: 1st Anniversary North Canton Group of AA  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps, Historical, Author

AA Number Three

Sober 16 years since 6/26/1935, Bill D was the "Man on the Bed" - the first one of the prospects Bill W and Dr. Bob helped achieve long term sobriety.

He never drank again. He died 9/17/1954, three years after this talk.

This is classic AA from a very humble lawyer whose story is in the Big Book in the Pioneers section.

The recording quality is excellent for the time and age of the recording.

BIll Dotson AA #3 - Obituary 1954 at age 62

(1 hr 5 min) (22.6 MB) (id#2045)