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(#1016) Bill C (Greensboro, NC)
9/29/2002 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 31st Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Bill is an experienced speaker with a great delivery and a strong story.

Bill comes to AA functions because, "if I'm away from you for any period of time I get in trouble with me."

He points out that although we come in feeling different and unique, "The more we are in AA the more we see how similar we are. It is uncanny."

His dad was an alcoholic. Bill was never going to be like his dad until peer pressure set in. He was seeking lower companions in the second grade.

He did not grow up in the period of Ritalin but the period of "paddle'n". They did not give kids like him pills.

Then he became a "cat" which he describes as Palmade and Lucky Strikes. He was a social drinker for about six weeks until he consumed enough to get the mental obsession.

He does a masterful job of conveying the essence of what makes AA special.

(52 min) (17.9 MB) (id#1016)